Programme of Study

EBENESCO has a total of 6 study programmes. These programmes are prescribed by the Government of Ghana through the Ghana Education Service (GES). They have been categorised into Academics and Extra Curricular courses and run under departments . The Academic department runs the Sciences, Business and Arts programmes. Sports, Club and Societies fall under Extra Curricular.


This department is in charge of all Science related courses: General Science, Agricultural Science and the Mixed-Electives option. The department provides all the resources required including books and facilities like the Laboratories, to facilitate the courses. Course combinations are as follow:


The Business School is where great entrepreneurs are made.This department is responsible for developing the creative thinking ability of students in the world of commerce. Courses offered by this department allow students to have a firm grip of what it means to be a business man or woman and encourage students to 'think out of the box'.The courses offered are as follows:


The Arts department is concerned with the development of the artistic skills of students and for that reason courses offered here are geared towards the realisation of this goal. Students are trained to master the art of painting, reading, etc. through the following course options.

Complusory Core

In accordance with final examinations requirement, which is organised by West African Examinations Council (WAEC) for second cycle institutions in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and the Gambia, each student is expected to present either three or four elective courses together with the following four compulsory cores: