Padua Alumni

As a member of the Paduan Alumni you have access to a powerful and vast network of over 9000 members, including former staff and friends of the School. The Alumni community is here to support and help uplift the image of the school. The Alumni will also provide help to students through internship and work experience programmes, careers advice and networking opportunities. The opportunities the Alumni offers to students and the school as a whole are endless and we encourage every Paduan to participate.

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram. Please help us support school events and projects. Be a proud Old Paduan.

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Connecting with us through Social Media

We utilise a number of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to enable Old Paduans, Parents and Friends of the School to follow the school activities, network online and connect with their contemporaries, as well as keep us informed on Alumni activities.

News, Obituaries and Announcements

Please send your news, announcements and obituaries to us. You can contact us via email

PADUA Regeneration Programme

This campaign is launched by the 'Padua Innovators and Affiliates Club' (PIAC) on behalf of the School, targeting one million pounds £1,000,000.00. PIAC is composed of Old students (popularly known as "Paduans") and well-wishers who are non-Paduans, working together to upgrade the school.

Thank You!

Thank you to all those who have contributed thus far. We have not yet reached our target, but we are optimistic that Padua will eventually be upgraded and revamped. Please play the youTube video and donate generously to make a difference to Ebenezer Senior High School, Padua.

W. SIMMONS (Team lead of this campaign).

Click the Link below to Donate towards the REBUILDING, REVAMPING and REDEFINING of Padua