Academic Facilities

The school is endowed with facilities that makes learning and other academic work a pleasure.


The school has a library facility located in close proximity to the classroom blocks. The library has a total capacity of 120 students. 75 students on average a day, do visit the library. This facility is stocked with books and computers. There is also a newspaper stand where most of the Ghanaian newspapers are stocked to enlighten students on current affairs.

Classroom Blocks

There are a total of 12 classroom blocks on campus. Each block has at least 6 classrooms. A typical classroom size measures 35 meters squared and has an average capacity of 45 students. There are 39 Science classrooms (form one - three), 12 Business classrooms, 15 for General Arts and Visual Arts and a state of the Art Studio for the Visual Arts department.

Visual Arts Studio

The school is endowed with facilities such the Visual Arts block fitted with a sculpturing & ceramics studio, a painting studio to meet the need of each student and provide a space for praticals

Home Economics

The Home Economics Block is endowed with classrooms for theory learning and a kicthenette to provide space for praticals.